Service and Repairs

The main thrust of Airmech’s service offering is the ongoing service, repair and preventative maintenance of all levels and types of air-conditioning plant and equipment.

From chillers located on the roofs of some to Perth’s tallest buildings, to plant operating in some of the State’s largest shopping centres and systems operating day in, and day out in office buildings and industrial locations across the metropolitan area, Airmech delivers timely, reliable and cost efficient service on a 24/7 basis.

Installation, Commissioning, Remedial Services, Troubleshooting and Consulting

Installation of air-conditioning plant and equipment is only part of the story – while commissioning it to work 100% efficiently is another. We work hard to ensure that every installation we work on operates efficiently – including careful use of energy, and comfortable air balance throughout the building.

From time to time, air-conditioning tenders or contracts are won purely on price, and when the resulting installations malfunction or do not perform to specification, Airmech is often called in to consult and provide remedial solutions.

One of the commonest complaints from managers and staff in office buildings is that the air-conditioning is over efficient in some offices, and non existent in others. Comfort level and energy efficiency are seriously affected when air balance is out of kilter.

Generally, the solution is to be found in balancing the flow of conditioned air efficiently and Airmech specialises in this important aspect of remedial engineering.

With many years of practical experience to draw on, Chris Holmes is well positioned to offer thoroughly researched energy management and energy saving consulting for Airmech’s clients.

As a company, we are mindful of environmental issues, the need to conserve power and our duty of care to reduce client costs without impacting on engineering efficiency.