Why Airmech?

Why Airmech?

Unique Service Propositions

Refrigeration technology has altered very little over the past few decades. The technology is much the same, the core principles are unchanged, and while control systems are more advanced now, and computerisation drives the industry, the main difference between service providers comes down to the human factor.

Airmech Airconditioning, quite simply, prides itself on being the best by delivering awesome, solutions-driven, customer service.

With almost 30 years’ practical refrigeration experience to count on, and a background in advanced control systems for Honeywell, one of the world’s leading organisations in the field, Managing Director Chris Holmes is highly qualified to consult in the key areas of energy management and preventative maintenance. Airmech always seeks to add value, think proactively and go well beyond the minimum client expectation.

24/7 Emergency Call out Service

Airmech’s refrigeration technicians have intimate knowledge of all client plant and its location within the premises we are responsible for. We are therefore in a far better position to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of emergency call out and provide a refrigeration technician who is already familiar with the plant concerned, as well as the layout of the building.

The senior management team is hands on – supports our technicians on site, and is regularly involved in field work and troubleshooting. Airmech Airconditioning is not run by remote control; the people who own the business are actively involved at the sharp end of service provision and interacting with clients on a day to day basis.

“I never ask our refrigeration technicians to do anything that I’m not prepared to do myself. They know and respect that, as I believe our clients do. It means that I can be counted on in the field when challenging situations arise. It’s all part of mentoring the next generation of Airmech management.”

Chris Holmes, Managing Director